Russian Music Masterpieces in Perfect Synergy (pictures)

Just a few days away of their debut CD Synergy in Munich, the Yordanova & Kyurkchiev Piano Duo presented the perfect synergy of their extraordinary music artistry to their Bulgarian fans. The Motif: Rite of Spring concert in the Bulgaria Chamber music hall on April 19th, 2017 included famous works by some of the greatest 20th century Russian composers – Scriabin’s Fantasy, Rachmaninoff’s Suite No. 2 and the energetic Rite of Spring suite by Igor Stravinsky.

The inspiring concert programme was heard in accompaniment of the exceptional DÉJÀ VU Rosé - this summer’s refreshing fruity wine by the Minkov Brother’s Winery, offered to all guests during the concert’s break.

Photography: Vladimir Kotzev / Profile Studio