Sophistication and Refinement at the 12 ЕNSEMBLE’s Motif Concert (pictures)

Rich in textures and perfectly shaped sound flooded the audience from the Bulgaria Chamber Music Hall’s stage on March 16th, 2017 when the prominent London-based 12 ENSEMBLE made its debut in Sofia. The musicians proved for yet another time their fascinating talent and unquestionable professionalism that guide them throughout the numerous European stages they are conquering year after year. The serious and deeply emotional programme by Mozart, Richard Strauss and Dobrinka Tabakova was performed with a complex combination of youthful energy and mature restraint, thus leaving a lasting memory in the hearts and minds of the ensemble’s new Bulgarian admirers.

Already a highly cherished tradition, the Minkov Brothers winery offered all guests a complimentary glass of their exceptional DEJA VU Cabernet Sauvignon.